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Child benefits


Why is this good for you?

Child benefit (barnetrygd)

You may be entitled to child benefit if you have a child under the age of 18 in your care.

How much child benefit will you receive? Ordinary child benefit is a fixed amount per child of 1 054 NOK per month. If the child’s mother is not registered as living in Norway and/or the child is not born in Norway, you must apply for child benefit.

Cash-for-care benefit (kontantstøtte)

If your child does not attend kindergarten or attend part time, you are entitled to Cash-for-care benefit.

Cash-for-care benefit is 7500 NOK per month when applying for 100 percent cash-for-care benefit.


How long can you receive the benefits?
You are entitled to receive child benefit from the month after the child is born or from the month after you qualify if entitlement to child benefit arises at a later date. The child is paid out until the month before the child turns 18.

You can receive cash-for-care benefits for children between 1 and 2 years, i.e. starting the month the child turns 13 months, up until and including the month the child turns 23 months. You can receive cash-for-care benefits for a maximum of 11 months.

How much does it cost?

Child benefit 1200 NOK

Cash-for-care benefit 1200 NOK

Child benefit + Cash-for-care benefit – 2000 NOK

We can translate documents 200 NOK / page.


How to apply?

After registering on the right-hand side, fill out the form as precisely as you can. Attach the necessary documents. Do a payment directly on the webpage, send in the application and we will handle your case. 

Required documents for child benefit
  1. Registreringsbevis (your residence permit document from the Norwegian);
  2.  Work contract (for the parent that works in Norway);
  3. Birth certificate (original and translation);
  4. Passport or national ID for both parents.
Required documents for Cash-for-care benefit
  1. Registreringsbevis (your residence permit document from the Norwegian;
  2. Birth certificate of the child (original and translation).



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