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Annual tax declaration - Fenixera

Annual tax declaration

Annual tax declaration froms to fill-in

Why this is good for you?
Every person working in Norway is responsible to check whether his/her annual tax declaration is correct. You as a foreigner in Norway might have the right for several tax deductions. Be sure to claim all deductions you are entitled to. Let us help you
How much does it cost?
The tax declaration costs 500-1200 kr depending on your private situation and deductions that you are entitled to.
How does it work
After registering on the right-hand side, fill out the form as precisely as you can. Attach the necessary documents. Do a payment directly on the webpage and send in the application.
The annual tax declaration will be handled by us during April.
The tax money is paid to the account stated in the tax return directly from the Tax Authorities.
Please prepare the following documents:

MinID codes (if you don’t have bankID). If you don’t have codes, we can order for you.

• Copy of marriage certificate (picture/scan of the original document). Translation to Norwegian/English. (We can perform the translation if you want).

Copy of confirmation on common living address with family and/or children under age 18. (picture/scan of the original document)
Translation to Norwegian /English. (We can perform the translation if you want.)

Proof of payment of flat/room/house rent in Norway. If rent was deducted from salary, attach the last payslips showing all deducted rent. If you paid for housing, attach documentation of payment (bank transcript eg.)

• If you have a bank loan in your home country, ask your bank for a document stating how much interest rate you paid in the declared year and how much debt you had left on the last day of the declared year. The document should be in English/Norwegian. (We can perform the translation if you want.) 

• Translations: we can perform the translation for you. The price is 250NOK per page. Upload the documents in your language and let us handle the translation.

Have any questions?

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